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April 15, 2020

CNBC Squawk on the Street Interview

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Investing Like the Pros

In 2020, our Founder co-authored a book the outlines a step-by-step framework for equity investing. The book imparts the skills to source quality stocks and build a portfolio, while implementing risk management best practices. Testimonials include: Howard Marks, Stan Druckenmiller, Tom Rutledge, David Abrams, Abby Joseph Cohen, Nelson Peltz, and Rodney O’Neal.

“Simply put, I have never before seen a book that provides the same complete and thoughtful orientation to the process of investing. The Little Book is clear, logical and well-organized, a concise survey course in what investors need to know. It starts at the beginning, with identifying candidates for investment and screening them for potential.” 

Howard Marks

   Co-Chairman and Co-Founder

   Oaktree Capital Management


“Contrary to what many believe, investing need not be a random walk. For would-be stock pickers who want to beat the market, The Little Book of Investing Like the Pros articulates a process which will greatly assist them in achieving that goal.” 

Stanley Druckenmiller

    Founder & CIO

   Duquesne Family Office

"Josh was among the first investors outside of the cable universe to understand and believe in what we could do with Charter. The tools and techniques contained in this book were crucial in uncovering this story, which continues to unfold.” 

Thomas Rutledge

   Chairman & CEO

   Charter Communications

Investment Banking Book

In 2009, our Founder co-authored a professional trade/university book focused on valuation, LBOs, M&A, and IPOs. The book has sold 200,000+ copies and is used in 200+ universities around the world; 3rd edition published in 2020. Testimonials include: Mitchell Julis, David Rubenstein, Joshua Harris, Joseph R. Perella, and Adena Friedman.


“…present[s] corporate finance in a broad, yet detailed framework for understanding valuation, balance sheets, and business combinations. As such, their book is an essential resource for understanding complex businesses and capital structures whether you are on the buy-side or sell-side.” 

Mitchell Julis

   Co-Chairman and Co-CEO 

   Canyon Partners 


“This book will surely become an indispensable guide to the art of buyout and M&A valuation, for the experienced investment practitioner as well as for the non-professional seeking to learn the mysteries of valuation.”

David Rubenstein

   Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman

   The Carlyle Group


“It gives me great confidence that many from the new generation of future financial leaders learned their corporate finance fundamentals with the help of Rosenbaum and Pearl and their best-selling book.” 

Joshua Harris


   Apollo Global Management


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